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Depth of bullet inside the case

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Do to a cockup with the freebore on a new 7/270wsm reamer I am having to seat my berger 180gn vld very deep into the case about 75thou deeper than the usual 2,425 ish , anyway before we throat it out I thought give it a go. Guess what it shoots very tight groups from the off. This has me wondering apart from doughnuts and compressed loads is there any reason this is a bad idea. I also seem to recall something about optimum case fill. Your thoughts please.

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A US Marine once told me "If it looks stupid, but it works, it ain't stupid." There is some wisdom there! That said, some of my most accurate cartridges have the bullet seated well into the case: 300 WM., 300AAC, and 6.5 Grendel have been the three rounds i have been shooting this month. All half MOA class with the bullets seated deep into the case.~Andrew

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The throat will grow but you may find you can't achieve optimum velocities without any pressure signs seems the obvious thing.1000s of shooters have already use these parameters to load too.if you change from the Berger to a scenar then you will hit trouble as these seat real deep taking up valuable powder room and increasing pressures.i usually use 0.5grs less powder if changing from Berger to scenars.works for me

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+1 to Andrew's comments. Some of my best loads are seated deep and all of my best loads have a 95% or greater fill ratio, some of the very best being slightly compressed loads.  If the accuracy is good enough for the distances you shoot at, don't worry about chasing the lands and squeezing more powder in for higher velocities. Don't worry about chasing higher velocities if they are not needed.  It seems obvious, but looking for big numbers when big numbers aren't always needed just wears the barrel out faster and costs more hard-earned to shoot.

The differences that 100fps makes at the muzzle may not be that great at distance depending on BC, but may lift a moderate load into a hot load.  I never think that's a good equation to use or worth burning a barrel out quicker for.  I find an accurate load and stick with it.

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I had a reamer made on a 7mmWSM to load 160 a 180 grain bullets and feed from short action AICS mags 


The rifle was a wsm bolt face but short action Surgeon 

Bullets seated beneath the neck shoulder junction - it was a very accurate gun from all accounts of feedback from the customer 



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