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The guy in the video (think that was at or around shot show) gave August delivery for MOA versions, dunno if Mils will be about beforehand - though lets face it, IOR availability is pretty random here, they seem to get a bunch of Recons in then nothing for 6 months...then few Crusaders turn up et cetera. The scope above was a prototype also, so I'd be surprised if you'd get hold of one in the immediate?

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Looks like a solid move forward.

My main criticisms with the original Recon that I owned were: the mid-tube focus, which was a major pain to use; the coarse reticle which obscured way to much of the target; the very weak reticle illumination; the soft painted finish which made a 6 week old scope look like a 6 year old scope; the very heavy-handed multi coatings which resulted in a very obtrusive colour casting.

An unbelievable design flaw with the original scope, was the raised nub on the magnification collar which was in precisely the wrong spot for use with a non-chassis two-lug action like the Remy 700. I had to keep dialing back from 27x before cycling the bolt each time.

I'll be interested to test the new zero-stop/rotation counter feature. I still maintain that the original Recon didn't have a zero stop at all, but a (very effective) rotation counter that could be screwed all the way down until it galled with the saddle of the scope. It looks like the secondary zero option has been dropped, and I'll miss that. It was a handy feature when switching back and forth between say a muzzle break and a moderator.

Hopefully with the Gen 2 they've backed off on the colour casting – Schott glass may (arguably) be the best on the market, but it's hard to really appreciate the talents of a concert pianist when there's a death metal band performing a few feet away!

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