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Newbie - needing a reloading kit

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Hi all,

im looking into getting into reloading and looking to buy a kit with everything in that I’ll need ( or as near to as possible ) 

looking on spudreloading site and I see they offer a starter kit using lee press etc

has anyone any experience with the above kit?

what kit can you guys recomend me 

 Id rather pay more and buy once and have something decent to last a long time than buy something cheap that won’t last or won’t get me reliable consistant ammo 

thanks in advance for any help 

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Just my opinion, depends on what your goal is.

General loading giving reasonable accuracy, I like an RCBS press and scales. I have good results with Lee dies and case prep items.

BUT...... if it's extreme accuracy your after, it's high end stuff you want, which I'm sure some of the experienced folks on here will be happy to offer advice on.

RCBS press in my opinion a definate though.

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I went with the rcbs rockchucker supreme kit. 

Depending on what levels of accuracy/consistency your looking at I can' see the need for upgrading anything. The only things I have done are the chamfer/ deburr tool and the primer pocket cleaner. Not because they were cap purely because they are a bit small and fiddly. 

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I started with the Lee Challenger kit but wish I'd bought the Rockchucker kit instead.  The press is a better press with the RCBS kit and the scales are better too.  The lee kit does include a decent thrower in the Lee perfect powder thrower, and I like the ram primer too.  I don't much care for most of the rest of the Lee kit which I have subsequently upgraded.  My advice would be just to buy the Rockchucker press and scales and then shop around for everything else you need to suit your space and wants as much as needs.  My kit has grown over the years and the few labour saving devices that I've purchased have been the things I most value in someways (lyman case prep centre for example).  For dies, it's a personal choice in some respects but I get very good results with Redding dies and like the build quality and simplicity of design.  For case trimming, I couldn't resist the Wilson trimmer but the little crow gun works one is also very good by all accounts.

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Thank you for all the advice so far 

anyone else have any recommendations etc

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The golden rule with reloading kit is “buy once, cry once.”

Everyone I know who reloads has either bought cheap and then progressed to quality kit or bought the best they could afford at the outset. Either way, you will end up at the quality end eventually.

so, it’s Redding, RCBS or Forster for everything.


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Thanks again for all the replies

i think I’ve settled on the rcbs rock chucker  supreme kit 

I’ve been recommended the redding type S completion die set so will probably go with that 

tumbler wise I’ve been looking at either

the Lyman turbo sonic 1200 ultra 


the Lyman turbo 1200 pro tumbler 

Which is better as there is £60 difference?

trimmer wise I’m thinking either a Forster or wilson




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i have a mixture of reloading kit RCBs rock chucker  press, Hornady Lock and Load scales along with Hornady beam scales. Forster dies, Lymans prep centre.Lymans Tumbler, All good stuff and hasn’t let me down . It’s up to you bearing in mind once bought should last a life time in reloading.

you can go over board ! And buy kit that’s not quite needed . So if you see something that you want but not quite sure ask on this forum as someone will have a answer for you! Then it’s up to you !

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can vouch for the rock chuck kit ,will need a powder dribbler rcbs is good , dies redding to start with but now upgraded to forster micrometer type and bushing die with 3 dies included . , and can reccomend the rcbs trimmer . lyman case trim 240 volt unit with all the reamers +trimmer attatchments.also lyman pocket reamer and flash hole debur tool.. case cleaning via media / corn cob is not too great also tried ultrasonic without much success .wet media might be better ?? .

suppliers 1967 spud and hannams .

good luck


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As other have said buy-once cry once is a good moto but probably not necessary to jump right into every last items from the get go?

The press is a personal thing, I run both the Rockchucker and a Forster co-ax, prefer the latter but still need the former for some operations.

Do you have anyone near you who reloads? It is 'nice' to watch what's involved (if you are a starting from scratch newbie that is?) as it gives you the full picture. Reloading manuals are also a good base to start from.

As pointed out Spud or Hannams but if you have a gun shop near you that you frequent always good to put some business their way.

Warning though - it can become addictive, I'm a comparative amateur to some - but still fill the end of the man cave with sh*ite   (think cocaine might be cheaper! :) )

(ps ignore the wood under the co-ax, it's a WIP on an idea)

reloading stuff.jpg

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