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couldn't help noticing

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19 hours ago, TSG said:

Very 'Great Escape'!



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This was my last bike, pic is from the advert when I bought it. Triumph Trophy 1200

Had it 9 weeks until I got flattened on the A14 commuting from Peterborough to Cambridge.

Decided to give up 2 wheels



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18 hours ago, bradders said:

The Scrambler has tubed rims, the bike appears fairly small for me, but I am 6'3" or so

It's a great bike and attracts all the right attention wherever it goes

Your new bike has the same power output as my Speed Triple, so that'll be no slouch!!!!!

It was delivered yesterday ūüôā

Remus can coming for it just to get a little more of that fruity triple sound track.  Triumph have confirmed that with their Arrow map (which coinsidentally works with the Remus too) the figures are somewhere around 140BHP/91 Ft-Lbs. I'm only 5'8" but its lucky for me that my inseam is fairly long for my height otherwise I'd struggle...seat height is 33 inches or so. First riding impressions are that its very possibly the best handling bike I've ever ridden (it betters some of my previous sportbikes including the Aprilias and an RRT 'Blade!)  I wasn't expecting that. It soaks up everything and can be chucked about like a lightweight.   Ignoring the actual paper figures, power is immense.  It'll overtake cleanly from 30mph in 6th and if you wind the throttle on, it'll try and rip your arms out.  Fly by wire throttle needs care as it's so light, you get too close to something in front and hit a bump, you could end up finding yourself surging forwards...that will take a little getting used to but overall, seems like a great machine.




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Good stuff

That 1050 Triple is a very torquey beast and mine never ceases to impress my with its low end grunt......mind you the top end power is something to behold ass well

Best wishes with it, you have a great bike there

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Cheers Bradders...this isn't the 1050 though...it's a 1215cc triple developed from the ground up for the Explorer range of bikes first released in 2012 (now updated as of 2016).  It probably will find its way into the Trophy range at some point knowing Triumph though!

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