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Scenar 155 and Swiss Reload

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has someone tríed Rs50 on a 308 with the 155 scenars? 




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looking for a varget altern 2 of us did a test with RS50 and the 155sc using our 30" ftr rigs using both lp & palma lapua brass with varius primers .the large primer brass topped out at 46g @ 2922fps es 14 ,@ 46.3g 2915 es 23,  46.6  2908 es 37 not much diff between the fed 210 and the cci brs.45.7g gave single fig es bang on 2900 . the palma brass using the cci 450 s topped out on 45.8 @ 2864 FPS es 20, with 46g 2860, 46.2  2858.  with the cci br s 46g gave 2902 es 5 and @ 46.2 2894 es 16. we found the same thing with the .223 using 69S topped out @ 3000fps on 25.5 any more and the speed reversed. seems to perform best lowest es with a gap between bullet and powder charge with compressed charge es was poor even with compressed loads the were no pressure signs, found it a little smokey on firing but not to dirty

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Yes. 46.8 grains. The Lapua 155 bullet is a cracker but IMHO you need a long throat to get the best out of them.

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 many thanks for the info.

i Will give it a try.

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