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One of this weeks finished rifles.

This a .338 Lapua magnum.


Built on a Defiance Deviant long magnum action.

The barrel is a Bartlien 5R Heavy straight taper blank, finished at 30" { if I remember correctly ] and finished with an M18 x 1 muzzle thread, invisible cap, Sako Brake, and a jet-z SL7 sound moderator.


The trigger is a Timney Calvin Elite unit, and the metalwork is finished in H series OD green.

The stock is a new Ai AX unit.

This was stripped down to the last nut and bolt, and completely blasted.

Base coat applied and a flash cure.

Then the colours were applied, one by one, with a flash cure in-between. The plastic parts have to have a cooler cure, which extends the times considerably.

It has to be part assembled in-between, to allow the pattern to blend across the stock.

When all colours are on, its a full strip, and a final cure.

Takes forever. :lol:

Colours are OD Green, AI dark earth, and Armour black H series cerakote.




Turned out nice I think.

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I saw it on Facebook earlier and that is stunning Dave?


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The rifle itself is an amazing piece of art work! But the paint scheme is also just as amazing!!

Top marks to you Baldie.


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best looking paint job ive seen not over the top just rite

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Northallerton NSAC shooting.jpg


dolphin button4 (200x100).jpg





CALTON MOOR RANGE (2) (200x135).jpg

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