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Zeiss V8 4.6-35X60

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I have searched the site for the answer I need but cannot see it.

I have a Zeiss V8 4.6-35X60.

It has a 0.50cm per click @ 100 meter's Elevation Turret (ASV+) with the Zero stop in place.

It is mounted on a 20 MOA Picatinny Rail and zeroed @ 100 meters

The Elevation Turret has 101 clicks available from the zero (100 meter setting)

My question (1): How many meters will this set up dial out to?

Question (2) I understand MOA adjustments, ie 1 moa @ 100 yards, 2 moa @ 200 etc etc,

If my Turret is 0.50cm @ 100 mtrs, is it 1.50cm @ 200 mtrs, 2 cm @ 300 meters etc, do I just keep adding 0.50cm per 100 mtrs?

Been trying to work this out all morning and cannot get it, nothing on the internet is helpful.





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3cm at 100m is equlivent to 1moa  (I think) so for you to move 1moa you need to adjust 6 clicks. 

As far as the adjustments go 0.5cm @100m so that' 1cm @200 1.5 cm@300 2cm@400 and so on..... 5cm@1000m

If you only have 101 clicks then it will move 50.5cm @100m / 16.833 moa 


I have the smaller version 2.8-20x56 and my clicks are 1cm. So 100 clicks on my turret is 100cm @ 100m/ 33.33 moa

Do you only have the one turn of your turret or will it go any more? 

(I think I'm right in what I'm saying but it' made my head spin too now) 

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Hi, thanks for the reply

Yes its made my brain ache as well.

The Turret will turn a lot more but only if I remove the zero stop pin & I dont want to do that really.

Thanks for confirming the range increase values, at least I got that right!

Now this is the bit that really stumps me "If you only have 101 clicks then it will move 50.5cm @100m / 16.833 moa"

So @ 100 m I wind the turret right up to the max, 101 clicks and that gives me 50.50cm of elevation, so to find maximum range do I only need to look at my ballistics for the bullet I am using and identify at what range the bullet drops by 50.50cm, can it be that simple.

Where I am really confused is that when I fitted the Picatinny rail I had to wind the turret down loads to get back on target @ 100m, but the Zeiss spec says the turret has 100 clicks so in my tiny mind it tells me that the Picatinny rail has added nothing, jees this is confusing

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One of the limitation of the larger V8 is the limited zero stop. I spoke to a rep about this a couple of years ago before buying the 2.8-20X50 model myself. It’s on a hunting rifle but I can practice at distance thanks to the .1 cm turrets  in effect I have double your elevation available and get there with a flat rail.


When they were first released there was chatter the single rotation of the turret was there to prevent inexperienced shooters from going out on the hill and expecting the fall of shot to connect without any consideration of wind or environmental factors and relying solely on the elevation turret to grass the animal.

As you have identified all the 20MOA picatinny rail has done for you is higher the reticle in the scope because you can’t make the most of the gain due to the zero stop pin. 




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One thing that would help is zeroing at >200m then the zero stop pin one come in too early. Or when you intend to shoot a extended ranges move the turret beyond the pin and factor in the extra ring rotation.  



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