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CZ527 Single Set Trigger

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Up to recently, I've rarely used the SST on my CZ527 223. Always considered the trigger too far forward when set. Whilst shooting across a valley the other day [off Quad Sticks with back against stone pillar] I decided to give the SST a try. All I can say is, I've never shot better! Trigger breaks like glass and was nowhere near as uncomfortable as I recalled. For safety reasons, I set the trigger just before each shot, and had 3 x 200m and 1 x300 rabbit/s and a 120m pigeon in 5 shots. Conditions were ideal....bright with little wind. Took my rifle to work this morning and tested it at 200m, again using the SST. For the first time ever, I had 3 touching holes at this range. Have had them within just over an inch at 200m, but never touching. I'm using 24g of Benchmark with 55g Blitzkings and needless to sat, they're superb. For whatever reason, 55g V-max do not group as tightly.

I'm aware that some folk don't seem to get on with the SST and prefer to lighten the standard trigger. I have the latter down to just over 3lb, but reckon I'd do better using the SST for those longer ranger shots. Happy to keep the standard trigger at 3lb for general field use. I'm interested to hear from other folks who use the SST and from folk who, for whatever reason, don't.

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I totally ignore the SST.  It never seems to deliver the accuracy I'd like. I once saw video of a man testing the 527 with the SST, and then  the non-set. His groups with a well adjusted non set trigger were far better at 100 and 200 yards. Maybe you just had one of those days when the Shooting Gods were smiling upon you?? ~Andrew

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I've continued to use the SST and still find I get better accuracy than with the standard trigger. Really enjoy using it now.

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SST on my 527 is set at 8oz while the standard trigger set at 2.5lb. I find when SST is applied my accuracy increases significantly but for me this is all down to the 'hold' and head position/movement when pressure is applied to the trigger. If you found, or still find, the trigger is too far forward when set, it can be adjusted down to where it suits you. That is just one of the beauties of the SST on the 527. If not confident yourself, I would advise you ask a Smith or someone competent to give the trigger mechanism a service/clean and adjust as necessary. The 527 trigger can feel a little 'gritty' after prolonged use but, it does faultlessly return to pulling as 'sweet-as-nut' following a service. I find the SST a great advantage and wouldn't be without it these days. I would think the SST option is subjective though - you either get on with them, or you don't.

The optional SST on the Tikka is sweeter. It feels more distinct and positive when applied with no free-play and is as smooth as a baby's rear. My Tikka SST, like my 527, also breaks at 8oz and is one of the reasons I opted for the special order Tikka, the other reason being the 24" barrel and the factory fitted rail ..(.308cal)

I note you're using the 55g Blitzking in your 527. I use 22.7g of N130 with a COAL of 2.235 with a 55g Blitzking, which is my foxing round; whilst my precision load is 24.5g of N140 under a 69g SMK with a COAL of the same at 2.235. However, the Blitzking is as accurate as the 69g SMK, it is THAT good with the N130 recipe and there's nothing to choose between them, accuracy speak - if reloading work up to those powder weights slowly, should you try them

Learn to use the SST on your 527 and it's a superb trigger - but that's just my preference ...and opinion



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I use the SST permanently for long range varminting with my 527 204. It's spot on! 

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