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On the range with the PMII 5-25

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Had my first outing with the PMII (5-25 P4F/CW/CM) today having recently acquired one as a replacement for my Bushnell DMR.  I'd already had a play with it, and it was mounted and bore sighted but until today I'd not shot with it.

Despite the miserable afternoon spent in a muddy field as the drizzle was blowing towards me from a gusting breeze, it was good to be out with the rifle after a break of a few weeks and after zeroing the scope, I had the chance for a play at different ranges and to check resolution using an internet sourced scope resolution chart and some printed targets with fine writing on them.

The scope tracked perfectly for the marginal box test on paper.  I'll write it up properly when I get the chance to put a larger board up to test it over a wider range, but today, it performed flawlessly and returned bang on zero.

The image was amazing compared with most other scopes used.  Perhaps not the brightest I've seen but most certainly the clearest, and edge to edge at that.  It was good enough even for my feeble eyes to make out small lettering perhaps 5 or 6mm high from 100 yds.  Bullet holes were no problem at all.

Detractors can say what they like about the PMII (I wonder how many have actually owned one?).  I now understand and appreciate just why its remained a benchmark scope for so long. The P4F ret is perfect.  Good enough even when zoomed in to 25x where the centre only covered the centre half of the 6.5mm bullet holes being shot allowing high precision.

A wise man once said "Only a rich man can afford to buy cheap glass".

That has stuck with me now and I've lost count of the scopes bought over the past 35 years or so, but it's a lot.  Anyone entering the discipline of long range shooting would be wise to take that advice on board imho and stretch for the very best glass from the outset rather than fritter away on one "upgrade" after another.  Whilst the NF ATACR seems to reign supreme, the PMII seems to be something of a bargain now at over £1000 less for performance that seems only marginally different (optically).

Tracking test results to come at the end of the month. (weather permitting!).  

It's in another league compared with my NSX, obviously one league up again from the DMR (itself remaining a bench mark product imho at its price point) and so far ahead of the M5xi it replaced (rather quickly) that it isn't funny.  Buy with absolute confidence.

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Calibrate your turrets. It's well worth doing 👍

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I'll probably do exactly that Gluv as soon as I've worked out actual tracking error on a proper Tall Target Test, and repeated it a few times.  

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Purchased me first 5x25x56 pm11 in 2006 whith mounts from

The sports man gun centre , never changed brand up till this day

Notice the price👍top notch cheers Lee


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Wow...price has almost doubled over 12 years!

Guess that's about right for other things too though...

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I bought my third PMII yesterday. l now have a 3-12 x 50, a 4-16 x 50 and a 5-25 x 56. (l also have a Klassik on my stalking rifle).

Superb bomb-proof kit.

maximus otter

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Yes, I've read that.  Their in depth articles on the great big scope test are one of the few truly objective reviews of scopes available and I'd place more store in their results and opinions than those of any "Vlogger" waxing lyrical on subjective analysis alone.  Oddly enough, my remaining 3 scopes are all bunched together on their mechanical performance (NSX, DMR and PMII).

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CANT recommend them too much, got a 3-27x56 on the accuracy int and was so happy that when funds allowed I put a 5-20x50 ultra short on the anschutz .22lr .can see bullet holes at 300 yd and x14 is greaT FOR THE 22 SHOOTING RABBITS UPTO 100 YDS  . SORRY BOUT CAPS LOCK  . p4 fine reticle  on both  

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