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Ladder V's OCW: Which works best for you?

Ladder V's OCW: Which works best for you?  

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 Interested who else uses the OCW method to determine the least pressure sensitive plateau adjusting seating depth for grouping.

I'm asking the question because at my last range outing there were a fair few people ladder testing using 3 shot "groups" which is something that bemuses me as longer run it tells very little about the load except approx' POI.  Upon asking one chap, the response was "I don't ever shoot more than 3 and often just shoot 2 as it gets silly and expensive".  I get the expense but that is a reality of load development.  I don't get the logic of shooting a few.  I mentioned this on another shooting forum and would be interested to poll results here to see how opinion differs from a more LR dedicated crowd.

I hold my hands up and say that I'm a recent convert to the OCW method as it just seems to work and using half the ammo to get there.  I can typically get a rough load within 21 rounds (3 sighters plus 6 groups of 3 for POI), then I usually load up 3 sets of 5 at the middle of the optimum range to confirm groups and MVs.  If needed, I then alter seating depth, usually in 10 thou jump intervals, to fine tune the harmonic.  Using the ladder system, I used to load (typically) 5 rounds at each charge across about 6 or seven charges, then play with seating if needed.  35 rounds V's 21.

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OCW and  fine tune charge at 200,,,,,,,,not convinced seating depth should be a secondary necessity at all,,,,,I like to be close to lands and then just OCW to it,,,,,,,,never had a problem,,,,,,just my way and I pay heed to the secrets and findings of the "Houston Warehouse",,,,,makes a lot of sense. In addition unless you are almost anal in your approach to a consistent and repetitive reloading regime you will fail,,,,O

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I would be interested to know if there have been controlled tests of those methods (OCW, ladder, ...)? For example, if you did the procedure (OCW or ladder) five times in a row, would you end up with the same end result each time?

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I don't know the answer to whether there's been controlled tests I've found after changing primer type, re-doing the OCW tests resulted in much the same result but with better ES.  It would be interesting to do though, if expensive on powder and bullets.  Given that components are all of the same batch, I couldn't see any reason for repeating it unless a significant change in temperature (eg summer to winter) takes place.

One thing's for sure and that's with ladder tests, because the group size shot is rarely representative you wouldn't always know if you were on the edge of a node or smack bang in the middle, at least not without shooting large strings.  At least with the OBT or OCW tests, you can pick the node point which gives a better chance of being pressure tolerant. When changing to a new batch of powder, it's possibly worth re-doing the OCW as it doesn't involve too many bullets. At least you'd get a feel after a while with the powders used if it was worthwhile doing this or not.

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I'll be trying that for the first time next week and comparing the outcomes with OCW.  In theory, they ought to be the same, because you also note ES/velocity for OCW as well as fall of shot.  In practice, I feel more comfortable seeing the fall of shot comparisons, even though the physics does stack up for the 10 shot OBT.  The thing I have against it is that it relies upon there being no fliers to the loaded rounds in terms of ES.  You have to be very careful to ensure almost perfection on loading if you are to rely on the results with confidence.


(had a chuckle at the moan about bullets costing "..40 Cents apiece..." in that video)

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On 18/02/2018 at 11:41 AM, srvet said:

Has anyone tried the 10 round load development method as in this YouTube video? 





I use this method to great effect. My current match round was picked up in the very first test (about 10 rounds) and I havn't changed it 700 shots. Apart from to chase the lands. I'm looking for to 1/3 MOA out that gun to 1000 yards 

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