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GRS Beserk Stock vs Choate Tactical Stock

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Just interested in shooters' experience, wisdom, and thoughts really...

It would be for a Remington 700 .308 which currently has a HS Precision Police stock. I'd also be interested in similar stocks around this price range...

Used for 50 - 1000 yard target shooting and deer stalking soon.

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I,d  just stick with the h,s precision stock they are a top stock better than the others in my opinion

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Thanks Dave - I may well do.

I've been really impressed with the build and accuracy of the HS Precision, but I don't feel that natural behind it. I can't put my finger on it (excuse the pun) but the grip, or the distance between the grip and the trigger, seems too small.

On the other hand the adjustable cheek & length of pull would be a welcome addition, and the horizontal toe for bag riding, and particularly the cut out on the GRS where you can hold the butt firmly into the shoulder have got me tempted in something different. Ideally I need to get behind one and try it out for size...

Do you know roughly how much a HS Precision Police stock may sell for on here?

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I have a grs berserk on my Remington. They are a nice stock for shooting prone or from the bench but they are not for everyone. You really need to try one before buying. 

My mate recently bought a krg bravo stock for his tikka and I really like it.

They are around £400 

I never liked using the HS stocks. 


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I had HS stock and fitted a Kartsen adjustable cheek piece and reshaped the palm swell with some black milliput apoxy, it made it much better to shoot.

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