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Everything below has been used but is 'as new' or very good condition

RCBS Chargemaster combo.

1st class condition, hardly been used. PM your email and I will send pics. £395 posted

RCBS precision mic 243 £20

RCBS primer pocket prep tools £20

RCBS loading block

Powder funnel

Decapping pins

2 x 50 round MTM green boxes

3 x 50 round small/large MTM Red tray/block


Brownells Cerrosafe £35 posted. (This is a metal which melts at a low temperature, you then pour this into your chamber and allow to cool. It is removed once cooled you then have a very accurate example of your chamber for measuring.)

One shot lube

KM large rifle primer pocket tool £10

Lyman primer pocket tool £10 and Lyman case prep multi tool £20

Titanium nitride bushings size .270 (suitable for 243) £10

2 x Spare 6mm carbide free floating button kit £10 each

Sinclair chamber length gauge insert for 243 

Norma 60 x 6xc £30 posted




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How much are the TiNi bushings, please? 

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The Redding Shell holder set, is this the set with 5 x shellholders each one 10 thou longer?  If so, price?  Cheers. J. 

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they are size #1 Part#11601

there are 5 in the set +002, +004, +006, +008, +0010

hope that helps

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