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Has the .17 HMR had its day?

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I use my .22lr at least ten times more than hmr. Also, .22 hornet does everything better than hmr for me. I some seldom use hmr now. Wouldn’t have another if this one goes anyway.

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Rabbits a tipyooooo

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On Sunday, January 14, 2018 at 4:51 PM, David Hancock said:

I had a terrific HW 66 in .17HMR then suffered a fizz and a bullet stuck 4 inches up the barrel.  I replaced all the numbered batch of ammunition with new and suffered the same twice.  No split necks.  I had it bore scoped and sold it as I lost trust in the calibre.  Hornady ammunition.  As Alekd, QC needs to be addressed BUT,  this was FOUR years ago and (some people are finding) the situation persists. 

A shame as it was a great 175 yard vermin / 100 yard fox rifle and accuracy was always around 0.7 MOA.  

What is going to replace it ?  17WSM - try getting the ammunition, 17 Fireball - try getting the ammunition, 17 Rem - only 40gn factory ammunition I believe, 17 Hornet - just received my ticket for one.


I believe that 17 Rem factory offerings are 20 or 25 grain. Deffo not 40.

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What powders are people reloading the Hornet with at the moment? Anyone tried RS36? On the assumption Accurate 1680 isnt available in the UK, is D063 working for people?

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Personnely i dont think it should be used for fox ( bit of topic)  the bullet design is for small game / small vermin . Even then id be careful with .20 cal bullets as well on fox . For me fox should be shot with a 22 hornet minum ,  40grn bullets , ok 22lr at close range works but why risk it on them . I think the perfect fox round is the 222 out to 200 thats far enough .  With a 40 or 50 grn bullet . Just my thought . Even fox deserves respect . I have shot fox in the past but i dont activity go after them . Atb.

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