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Hi guys ,


Its nice when you just fluke a good group , heres a pic of a fig 20 tgt , set at 332 yards , AI AW 308 rifle used , 2 shooters , one old & one new , each shooting 3 rds .

First 3 shots touching , old shooter , new shooter , 3 shots fired , only one hit tgt , that should explain what the pics shows .



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or did the "new shooter" put them all through the same hole......................@ 332 yds?


Now that would be a fluke.

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Good shooting Chris!  What was the bullet and load used for those shots out of interest?

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Chris,the 'old shooter' shots/group are  no surprise,frm an AI,but is there any expanation for the 'new shooter' only getting one shot close to them...that is more interesting...possibly relevant,depending....?


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Yeah Naa ,


New shooters 1st rifle use , other than a 22LR bolt gun , at 50-75yds , so I thought not bad just getting ONE shoot on the tgt , maybe the recoil was TOO much , too many things could have happened ( I was really coaching safety on new gun for him , than spotting for him  )  , it was just more an experience of something bigger than his 22lr , I certainly would not over think it .

And to think once I had looked at tgt , all I could think of doing as patch/mark my holes so he could have a clean tgt , I should have pulled the tgt , and replaced it with another , doesn matter the new shooter has a phone pic of the new tgt with the 1st 3 shots on it anyaway , sh%t happens .



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Luck favors the prepared. It couldn't be all fluke. I fired a near-one holer at 200M with my Steyr Scout 308 using well built handloads and a 2.5X IER scope. My other groups hovered each side of an inch. What was lucky is that this first group I fired was being watched by a couple of salty club members, curious about the performance of this odd looking rifle. That day the Red Gods of Shooting smiled. I'll accept that grace, gratefully. ***~Andrew


(***Which means I'll act like its a common event!)

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