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David Hancock

Sako 22 Hornet action and wood stock

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Reasonably reliable sources cite:(date is factory introduction of model) Sako factory Hornet models:

L46 (1946) in 22 Hornet (and 218Bee,222Rem...)

P75 (1975) in 22 Hornet

M78 (1978) Finnscout. In 22 Hornet  (,22lr and 22WRM)

There are anecdotal claims of others-usually misnamed ( eg  'the Riihimaki model' which is the early  L46 with the town where Sako made them stamped on. And who knows what a good/not gunsmith might have semi customised (the L461,and modified A! Series might be modifiable-the 222Rem factory was largely responsible for the aura that Sako enjoyed,despite having to drop the "Bofors" steel post '68 -it was generic and good steel,but Bofors allegedly objected as it was not their Bofors steel).

  Sort of related issue is the M78-note it was also available in 22 rim fire-but those had 1 rear lug bolt-modifiable,but hardly ideal,perhaps for a cf.Quite rare,as is 218 Bee-indeed all the Sako Hornets are rare in UK (Scandinavia ,Australia ,USA might have more surviving.)

    So there may well be a little confusion about this eg Sako  "75"  is the much later cf model,preceeding the Model 85.I didn't find any Hornets either from donor Sako A1/L461 (17Rem,222Rem,223 around 1979,with 22 and 6PPC in 1987),nor in between short run variants,nor Quad (2006,17Mach2,17 HMR,22WMR) nor Finnfire 11 (2014 17HMR,22LR)-but who knows for sure?



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GBal.  You are a veritable font of knowledge my friend.  I fancy a classic Sako action for a .17 Hornet build.  OR, buy a .22 Hornet HW66 Jagd-Match, and have it rebarrelled with a Sassen fluted barrel (indulgent) but faster than the 5 - 8 months Weihrauch are quoting for a factory .17H.  Best Regards.  David

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12 hours ago, David Hancock said:

Thank you 17 Rem, my mistake.  Sako action then . . .

No problem. I see you have managed to amend the title of the thread now. 

I have only seen two M78 Hornets in 30 years of being a Sako anorak, but they are out there.

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What about an anschutz David ?

There must be a good few 22 hornet anschutz rifles around that would suitable for a build. 

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Hi Ian.  I trust you are recovering.  I saw that but it is £885 and the new HW66 JM is £995.

Palo - I saw the 1 Annie on Guntrader as well but again too much to rebarrel.  There is a cheap Ruger but . . . 

Thanks for your thoughts.

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Hi david , are you not getting the HW66 now ? May of changed your mind but the HW66 as you know is soo tempting . 

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FWIW, I picked up an HW66 JM in 17 hornet today. I previously had a HW66 .22LR, which needed the stock relieving slightly to allow the bolt to fully close... Not sure how I didn't notice in the  shop (I was late due to traffic and they were closing so was on the back foot :/), but the action is clearly not square in the stock, consequently the barrel is touching the stock 2 or 3 inches from the end. Not greatly happy!

On the bright side, the 2 stage trigger as per my .22 is excellent.

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