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Powder for 243 107gr SMK

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Some advice pls.

I am about to put a 28" 243 barrel on my AX for fun 'target'.  Never reloaded for this calibre before so I am not sure what are the 'best' powders. The usual US sites may not be too helpful as they seem to suggest H1000 H4350 for the 107gr bullet, but given import restrictions etc they may not be a wise choice.

What are the go to powders for this combination ?

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There aren't any home-based 'go to loads' as so few people in the UK use the 243 with a fast-twist barrel and 105gn + bullets for range use.

If you're not worried about barrel life, Reload Swiss RS70 and Viht N560 will give very high MVs, over 3,100 fps at max loads. N165 is a much cooler burning powder, but will likely cost you 150 fps or so.

Of the remaining 'US powders', post-Reach, the new IMR-7977magnum powder looks a very good choice and is in the UK now. IMR-4955 is a 4831 equivalent and should arrive here soon and there is a new super-slow magnum grade 8133 just announced which we won't see until at least 2019 I'd think. Hodgdon has loads for the  trio and the 107gn SMK on its menu driven online reloading center.

Alliant Re22 should be suitable too and is Reach compliant, but again may be rather hard on barrels if run 'hot'.

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From the archive - .243 Sako 75 with 1:8 Border Barrels Archer barrel.

107 gr SMK 43.6 gr N165 jammed 5 thou Sako brass
105 gr AMax 43.8 gr N165 10 thou off .339 MOA Sako brass
105 gr Amax 39.5 gr N560 10 thou off Sako brass.
105 gr Amax 42.2 gr N560 10 thou off Sako brass.



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