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Carbon wrapped barrels

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I am fancying a carbon barrel on my stiller preditor stalking rifle. Are there any pros or cons with either hardy or proof? Has anyone had any issues with either of the manufacturers? What’s your recommendations?

Does anyone know of a 6.5 1-8 twist 26” heavy profile blank in stock to buy? (Preferably blank only)


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I have a 26" Hardy on my  284Win 1:8 done by Mik at Dolphin. It's on a Sako 75 which Proof don't make blanks of the corrects tenon size for. Only had it a short while and haven't done enough load development yet to say if it's a good one or not.  Pros,  looks nice and is lovely and lightweight,  cons, because it's light,  which is what I wanted,  noticeably more recoil than my 20" .308. I suppose you can't have your cake and eat it! Mik bought a number of barrels of Hardys when he got mine.  He also stocks Proof.  Best of luck in whatever you decide on. 

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