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New 6mm rifle build

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Looking to get myself a 6mm rifle for foxing and deer culling. I have Blasers in 204 308 and 300 win mag but liking the idea of a custom action turnbolt (again) 

I have a slot for 243. Requirements would be adjustable stock short barrel and 5/10 shot magazines. Any suggestions welcome 


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Right bolt left port if custom - custom action ? John carr does some nice actions . Not sure if there's any other uk manufactured tho ? None of the silly waiting for things like bat , unless someone has a selection of custom actions ready ?   

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You can legally shoot Red, Fallow or Roe with a .243  in England & Wales, only CWD and Munty`s can be hunted with smaller calibres.

"The Deer Act 1991 stipulates a minimum calibre and minimum muzzle energy of .240" and 1700 ft/lbs for the lawful shooting of all Deer species in England and Wales except for only Chinese Water Deer and Muntjac, where a minimum bullet weight of 50 grains, minimum calibre of .220 inches and minimum muzzle energy of 1000 ft lbs applies."

"In Scotland the law is different and the Deer Scotland Order does not state a minimum calibre of rifle for shooting the roe deer species. It stipulates a bullet weight of at least 50 grains of expanding ammunition and a minimum MV of 1700; this specification can be loaded for .22 centre fire rifles in the calibres 22\250, .222 and .223. Other deer species can only be legally taken with rifles of a minimum calibre of .240."


Edited as I was wrong before.

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6 hours ago, samuel said:

6mm = .243 inch ie bigger than .240

True , Note to self , dont post whilst on holiday and drinking :)

Edit actually its as follows  

.240" = 6.096mm

and 6mm = 236.22"

and .243" = 6.1722mm

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