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Hi I'm still very undecided but testing water here as I'm looking at going down 284 route now. 

i have a Borden alpine action right hand right port repeater stainless bedded in a McMillian A3/5 adjustable in olive/black/tan with extra flush cups in left hand side at front & back. Fully bedded with third eye bottom metal with flush mag release & 5 shot AI mag. Tub lug & true-flite 1-8.5 s/s ultra match flutted 24" long with 5/8th thread & SL5 mod & invisible thread cap. Have a 20MOA on rifle with a 0MOA third eye picatinny rail spare for it. Done say 1000 rounds loves 123g A-max sceners or 130g vld with either N150 or H4350. I have 300 brass with it some loaded 2000 cci-450 primers Fosters micrometer seater & FL die set with the neck bush & bump die kit also with 3 bushes. Looking to maybe sell job lot as in bare rifle not the bipod-scope or sling & cheek rest. I could easy keep primers & swap them with my rfd for what I need. This rifle is very accurate .2 easy & even after a clean is same poi


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