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Rebarreling from .308 to 6.5 Creed.

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Just wanted to pick a few brains here. I'm toying with the idea of getting a 6.5 Creedmoor barrel made made for my .308 Remmy / A.I. clone and just wanted to ask what may be an obvious question. Will the Remington boltface and A.I. magazine accept the 6.5 Creed cartridge? I know the COAL of the 6.5 is a teeny bit longer, but is it close enough to get concerned about?

I was considering buying a new 6.5 creed rifle, but thought "whats the point", when my Remmy is a peach of a rifle, especially on the McQueens castle where I regularly get scores in the high 50's with it (best is a 50.9) but I wouldn't mind giving a new cartridge a go.

I welcome any input you want to pass on, and a happy Christmas to all!!

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No problem at all. In fact, the AICS mag actually has more room with the Creedmoor, than it does with the .308. The case is shorter. This is why its always a better bet than the .260 if you want to mag feed. It was one of the design parameters for the cartridge when it was designed.

I build quite a few rem rifles in exactly this configuration.

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Thanks a lot for the input. It kinda confirmed what I thought, but there's never any harm in asking wiser heads!

As for the size of the V bull, I can't remember the exact size off the top of my head, but its the one the NRA use at Bisley during the Imperial and its shot at 300 yards, not 200.

Cheers all.

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Wow, ok then,  but do you only have the standard 3 second exposure to shoot the target, at any of several varying positions, using various types of rifles inc. Iron sighted rifles? If so you should get down to the Imperial meeting in July and wipe the floor with all the lads who usually clean up there. Or is it a fixed, benchrest type setup you run down there, with all the time in the world to take the shot? If its the regular NRA McQueens setup you run then you boys are absolutely pie hot and should certainly be able to teach the rest of us a thing or two eh! In fact, I don't know why we even bother.

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Most of our members do shoot prone no rear bag.a few do use them but that's not PR shooting then.i just use my fingers or clenched fist depending on the lie of the firing point. According to my Huns head the nra type it probaby a 4 inch vbull.we too do 3 second exposures.its a great COF.i love it

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Ah, the penny finally dropped!  We were talking at cross purposes. Having had a look at one of my old targets, the 1 inch diameter circle, with a broken line, to which you refer is the "Super V" used to try to sort out the winner of a tied score in a final. i.e. 50.10.4 beating a 50.10.3 for instance, or 10 V's with 4 in the "Super V" beating 10 V's with 3 in the "Super V" 

So, going back, the blue lined Bull is 6'' dia,  the  V is 4'' & the S/V 1''

The thought of anyone putting 10 shots into a 0.3 moa circle under the McQueens COF would be beyond exceptional.:o

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