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.224 Valkyrie

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Hmmn. :D

A cartridge designed for the AR15 which gives a sizeable improvement over the .223.

Obviously the name piqued my interest initially, and a good root around on the net yielded little info, apart from what Federal have put out there in range test days.

Basically a necked down 6.8SPC they say.


Talk about NOT telling the whole story.

I ordered a reamer from Dave Manson, who hadn't even got a drawing for it a month ago. They were straight onto it, and a reamer and gauges landed last week, along with a very comprehensive reamer print, with loads of useful extra info.

Into the lathe went a Pacnor varmint blank, and I re profiled it to an AR friendly lump.

Duly chambered in .224 Valkyrie , its a 1 in 7" twist, which should shoot 80 grain bullets, from the mag.

However, Federal are quoting 2750-2800 with a 90 grain slug. This, to me, is not much improvement over a 223 with 77's.

I decided to think backwards. The yanks are pushing this as a capable 1000 yard cartridge. We don't do, or need that for CSR here, 600 yards is its maximum.

Wonder what it will do with a 77 SMK ?

Better still a 70 grain Nosler RDF, which I rate highly. I think it will easily shove one of those at 3100. Plus, they will go in a mag. The 70g nosler won't fit a 223 at AR mag length.

As is always the way with the yanks.....its allover everywhere, and there are no bits for it. Serves me right for jumping the gun. No brass and no dies yet, but set to change at the SHOT show apparently.

Good old Spud has me a proper set of dies on order for it now, and they are eagerly anticipated.

However, impatient git that I am, I had some 6.8 brass and dies. I knocked one down and stuck it in the mag. Never going to hold a 90 grain bullet that....

Got the reamer print out and compared it to the 6.8SPC print.

The shoulder is over 0.080" further back.

Into the lathe went the die, and after much messing about, and 3 necking down procedures, I have a slack handful of brass that will chamber, and fireform.

I have to try it, and get some proof cases, but I'm buggered if I'm doing this to 200 cases....life is too short.

Mission accomplished though, most likely the first one in the chambering in the UK.

I am really looking forward to shooting this case.

The yanks said the Valkyrie couldn't be made from the SPC case.........Wrong. :lol:


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A 20" Scotch.

The gun still has to be manoeverable.

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I have done a little research. The figures quoted for the 90gr bullets were in a 24” test rifle. 

It would appear that most folk are looking at keeping the barrels short like you though. 


Do you anticipate any extraction issues in the straighpull configuration? 

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I wouldn't have thought so.Its a shorter case than its parent, and that extracts. Dropping the bore size will up the pressure, but the neck is tiny in comparison.. All areas that can grab less.

There is a lot that can be done internally to minimise case grab.

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I collected it from proof today, and its fired cases which look just fine. One is a 5% overload and the other a 10% overload. Plenty of room to go yet methinks.

I'm estimating around 28-29 grains of vhit 140/Varget/Rel 15 etc will be around right, but its all going to be trial and error.

The cartridge hasn't been released yet, but apparently its been submitted to both SAAMI and CIP, and is probably done now.

Official launch at SHOT later this month, but this is the first in the UK.

Now the pleasurable task of making some more brass.

Suddenly , plaiting my rectal hairs, holds some appeal. :lol:


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If so marketed,it may well be a fast twist 224-for 90g new Sierras,eg-from the box bolt action-with 22/250  capacity  performance.What's not to like?

Of course,it is AR15  platform compatible too (but so was the recent 22 Nosler).Maybe it will be more successful in that niche-for longer range mouses?   :-)


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Bring it up to Diggle next time you visit Dave - I'd love to see it.  Might re-barrel my AR in this round.

I've asked a couple of the guys going over to the Shot Show to try and blag me the odd case.



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The .22 Nosler has one major flaw...its a rebated case...and an AR15 will shred it , in short order. Plus, apparently, sources say the primer pockets trash after 2 firings.

I've just ordered a couple of Die sets from brownells [rcbs, hate the brand ] and Spud has some Redding on order for me.

I will bring it Vince, and the offer of the reamer is there , should you fancy a punt.

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Sounds fun - I hope it shoots well.

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Yes Vince, though not particularly cheap. i get mine from Brownells, and will be having some more when they have sorted the license issue they have at the mo.

On the bolt gun front, I will be getting some 6.8SPC bolt heads in , for the bighorn actions. These are tailor made for the Valkyrie, as they are CRF.

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