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richard griffith

Drone pro on Sako 591

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Evening Gents.Has Anyone experience of the above proposed combination.At present scope is on rifle but I seem to recall that the action,unlike a Tikka is not tapped for a rail.Any help/advise would be appreciated.Richard.

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Not completely sure what you're asking? no, Sako actions aren't tapped allowing a picatinny rail to be bolted to them like Tikkas, but there are pic rails available for Sakos including the 591 e.g. http://www.webshop.roedale.de/gx2/product_info.php?info=p348_sako-rifles-picatinny-rail--alu-.html, theyre an interference fit as shown here on an 85 action;

I imagine a smith could tap a Sako receiver for you as an alternative. 

Either way you'd need to check bolt clearance with the Drone, which may be what you're actually asking ;p




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