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Walter Mitty Foxing.

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2 hours ago, Crumpy said:

File too big to post on here, it is available online if anyone wants to see it on PBiR page on Facebook, I’m sorry but your post shows how little you know, I’ve shot 100s of foxes with this set up and am very confident with it, feel free to doubt my numbers, you seem to know my ground well enough to quote distances I have no need to wildly exaggerate, it’s not my thing, just out of interest how far away do you think this target is?


Where is the 450yd fox shot video ???

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10 hours ago, 22cf said:

Crummy, Please post the video up here, it was initially quoted as a 22-250, now it’s a 243Win.

It was initially quoted as 450yds but now its 396m (433yds). You may think I’m being a little pedantic but at these ranges the 17m makes a huge difference when Shooting vermin even in daylight, let alone at night.

It really doesn’t matter what caliber it was either at 450yds because it doesnt make much difference to the holdover in these two caliber,  especially when you’re guessing at night. You’re not going to make an accurate assessment of distance at night on a fox that’s running around like the fox in your video was. 

If you playback the video you will see the shot taker didn’t give the fox 24+ inches of holdover which is what a 450yd shot would require.

My beef with your post wasn’t the fact that you shoot foxes, I shoot them myself, it wasn’t the fact that you shot it at an extended range either. My issue with your post is that as someone that shoots foxes at night with 11x NV and thermal gear I know that there is absolutely no way that fox was at 450yds, the sight picture wasn’t right for a fox at 450yds through a 10x drone. In addition you didn’t give it the requisite hold over for a rifle sighted at 100 or even 200yds and in addition to that you or your Shooting buddy didn’t range the fox to confirm the range/holdover.

Hence you would have taken a speculative 450yd pot shot at a fox, which for me isn’t right.

As it happens the actual shot wasn’t 450yds it was nearer 250-300yds (Max) and you hit it. This opinion was supported by the holdover you gave the shot so in that case, Well done one less Charlie, but it certainly wasn’t 450yds now was it ???

Please post the video.

Im sorry if you found my original post offensive, I didn’t quote your name for a reason, I was just a little annoyed by your Wild exaggerations.

Where was it quoted as being a 22/250? And it’s always been quoted as 396m. The quote was expressed following the doubt about a 355y fox shot, with the words “For anyone doubting a 355y shot, take a look in the pinned post, and you’ll see 2 foxes shot at nearly 100y further than that, both picked within 15y of each other, 440y Drone 10x and Ranger IR”


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This coming from someone that turns a discussion about a fox’s distance into a pop at someone’s product. 

More lemon drops Bruce?


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Already part-way there, this thread is on the cusp of descending completely into the unintelligent and argumentative willy-waving that is the preserve of other UK shooting forums.

No more on UKV, please.

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