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Tikka T3X super varmint.

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could anybody point out the difference between the T3x super varmint and the T3x tactical apart from the finish and the magazine what’s different.

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You’ve highlighted the main differences. The Tikka Tactical will have the same action as the Super varmint and same adjustable stock. However the Tactical will have a enlarged Tactical Bolt knob, the bolt itself will have a Teflon coating on in and exstended magazine. 

I believe the Tactical has the same barrel has the Sako TRG-22. So as a result has a phosphate coated barrel and would have been hand lapped before it left the factory. 

The Tactical did also used to come with the Three port muzzle brake also found on the Sako TRG. Not sure if this is the case now.

Both will shoot excellently.

There is also the CTR (compact tactical rifle) and now the Tac A1 Rifle too.

What calibre are you after?


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Hi Marty mark, I’m after a.223 but can’t get it till January not that I mind the wail, I’m sort of interested in the tactical T3x. But I don’t know if I can justify an extra £400 quid on top of the price of a standard T3x super varmint. Thought I’d ask though as by the time you buy the rifle and realise you’re going to spend a fortune on it doing up grades it may be easier and cheaper to just get the next model up.


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I know what you mean, I went through the same process when buying. I’ve got a .233 T3 Tac, .308 Tac (currently for sale) and previously had a CTR. 

Its a special order to get the blued Varmint in .223 1-8 twist and didn’t want the stainless finish on the super varmint. So for me the cost of the Super Varmint plus Cerakote and bits justified the cost. A friend of mine has the Super Varmint gets on really well with it. If you’re happy with the stainless I might be tempted to go with the Super Varmint..... however I changed the stock on all rifles. Even the adjustable stock on the T3 doesn’t quite do it for me. You might want to consider this cost if you think you might want to change in the future. 

This is Rifle going to be a target / permission or both?

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It’s for both I’ve got two empty slots for.223 on my ticket but may Change for something else on one slot. I’ve only two slots after selling my Remington.

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