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Here's one I recently finished.

The customer wanted a long range Mouflon/Chamois rifle, that was light but had the poke to cope with long range mountain shots.


Its a 7mm Remington magnum.

Built on a McMillan long action magnum action [ of which I have one left ]

This is the action the Chris Kyle sniper rifle was made on. 

A beautiful thing, this one is controlled round feed, and has a peg ejector at the rear of the action.


The barrel is a sassen , spiral fluted 1 in 8.5" at 26" long.

Muzzle threaded M14 x 1, invisible capped and fitted with my 2 port brake, and also an A-tec Hertz mod.

All paintwork done in Cerakote sniper grey.



I order the stock, a McMillan game scout, direct, and its the lightweight edge tech model. It came in black, as the customer wanted a Shadowgrass camo, which I duly performed in Duracoat.

The trigger is a Timney Calvin Elite.

No expense spared on the floor plate either.


This is a sunny hill stainless model, absolutely flawless in construction, but silly money. A rifle of this quality deserved it though.


Only other addition was to make a small picatinny rail and fix to the fore end for the customers Atlas bipod.

The barrelled action is also fully bedded etc.

I enjoyed building this one, it tips the scales at around 7.5 Lbs.

All work, as usual, done in-house.


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Hi, could you please explain the benefits of the sunny hill bottom metal? I'm building a similar set up and it would be a shame to have a big AI mag sticking out the bottom of the stock! 


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Depends on what use you have for the rifle. If weight is an issue, and its going to be over your back on a sling, up hill, and down dale...then an internal mag is preferable.

The sunny hill models have no equal. They are solid stainless steel with swiss watch tolerances. Absolutely beautiful, with a price tag to match however. A rifle of this quality deserved it.

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That is a very impressive weight for a rifle of that ilk. Is it the stock in the main that contributes to the majority of weight saving?

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Yes, and the barrel profile/fluting.

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