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Sako 85 Long Range 300WM ?

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Tom at Atkin Grant & Lang Shooting Ground showed me his 300wm last Saturday.  Brand ?  A lightweight rifle for his Mouflon trip.  Going to be interesting at 500 metres !!


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On ‎23‎/‎11‎/‎2017 at 8:32 PM, Moorlander said:

Anyone got one or have any experience of this rifle? I`m considering one , for reds and paper punching/gongs, they weigh in at nearly 10lbs before anything is mounted so I reckon around 12 or 13 lbs with scope and mod etc  which should soak up some of the recoil of the 300 wm.



Stock shape doesn't look too bad for recoil. 300wm is not that bad anyway especially not with muzzle brake or moderator. I have a 6lb carbon (good shape) stocked 308 that we often shoot without moderator and still behaves very good vs an old 308 walnut sako that was slightly heavier but horrible to shoot.



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Hmm,,,,available in 338LM:)

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Funnily enough just last night I read a Swedish test about this rifle. In 300 Win Mag lighter bullets grouped fine. Heavier spread big time. The tester was that unimpressed that he punted the rifle back to Sako Sweden and asked for another. Long story short same deal. Great accuracy with lighter bullets, that which promotes growth and vigour ($ hite)with heavies. Think it is a 11" twist but dont quote me on that.  They tried the 338 LM version and that was unfussy bullet wise. Apparently Sako Sweden arent taking in the 300WM after these findings.... 

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