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Big Al

Mausingfield 6.5x47

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I finished this rifle a couple of weeks ago and is now awaiting load development. Its very much the kind of rifle I like and would be happy to own this one myself. After talking the project through with my customer and deciding on the type of rifle he wanted and the uses he would have for it he then gave me a bit of free reign as to the final spec and cosmetics. He wanted something a little different and with a classy understated look rather than blingy. We are both happy with the end result.

The idea was to make a long range precision varminting rifle that was also capable of 600yd & 1000yd benchrest competitions. The rifle weighs 16.95lb as seen so qualifies as a benchrest light gun and the bag rider plates are for shooting from rests, they can be removed in seconds for field use and a bipod fitted to the Anschutz rail.

The spec is as follows;

Mausingfield action from the American Rifle Company 
Bartlein 5R chambered in 6.5x47 and throated for 140's
Manners T4A carbon stock
Bix & Andy benchrest trigger
Tier One bottom metal for an AI 5 shot mag
Anshutz rail
My own design bag riders and muzzle brake
IOR Terminator 12-52x56










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Yesterday I received some feedback from my customer after the load development was completed.

A stable OCW test showed good bullet/powder/barrel compatibility, OCW was established at 40.7gr of H4350.

Seating depth tuning went as expected with the final length of 2.135" being confirmed with three consecutive groups averaging 0.240" with Hornady 140 ELD-M. 



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Rifle looks nice and seems to shoot - but *ugger me could your client not find a bigger scope :)

Also good to 'not' see a camo'ed rifle


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Yes, its a rather big scope Terry but it had been bought in advance in readiness for a future new rifle build. At 17lb it was never going to be a woodland stalker that for sure. :)

Most of the time customers know what they want and as you say, often its camo. This may also have something to do with the fact that McMillan stocks are a popular product and Jacksons rarely have plain colours so I certainly do my fair share of camo whether I want to or not. I also think if people without inspiration see something they like its easy for them to say build me one like that one and the camo army grows and grows.

The chap who owns this rifle asked me to build something that was a little different from the crowd using high quality parts throughout. It was nice to have a bit of a free reign although each component choice was discussed and agreed before it was ordered. 

I think its different, quite understated but obviously quality to those who know - to that end he got what he wanted.

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