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Using a Sako TRG bipod on a Tikka T3X TAC A1?

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I'd like to use my TRG bipod on the new addition, the Tikka TAC A1.  There's a Finnish company who make an adapter, but that's around €200.  I'm using a Harris bipod at the mo but it would be great to be able to use the TRG bipod.

Any suggestions as to how I could do this without spending €200?  :)

Thanks in advance and have a great weekend. 


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1 hour ago, No i deer said:

Have a look the pheonix bipod.there maybe an adaptor to suit your needs.

I have no dedicated adaptor for this forend but if you have ( or can source  )  a short picatinny rail ( 4 slots will suffice ) for the 6 o,clock position, I can do you a great deal on a Type B. I have 6.5-8" or 7-9" in stock. I also have a tall 8-11" in stock if you are larger build and need to get a higher prone position.

And the good news ( for you ) is I am overstocked on Type B with a shipment of Type A due in so I need to make some room - can do you a little discount !!


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Do it they are a great bipod. The new spike feet work really well by the way.

keep a good grip in the ground but don’t sink in under recoil. 

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I am putting a Phoenix bi-pod on my TRG by fitting an NV Bridge. 

The TRG bi-pod side by side with the Phoenix bi-pod is inferior in build quality. 

I think Sako do a genuine adapter for the M10 to run the TRG bi-pod. I’m sure it will be more expensive than the one you have found knowing how expensive accessories are. 


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On 05/12/2017 at 10:53 PM, palo said:

Will a phoenix bipod  fit onto a sako trg atlas bipod adapter ? 

I think the Atlas is totally different.


I sell a dedicated spigot for the TRG - slots in neatly in the space at front of chassis.

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