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A couple of last week's AR's.

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Finished a couple of the larger AR's last week.


DPMS style Billet upper/lowers from Cross machine. Beautifully made stuff....real quality.




The first one is a .308 with a 20" Sassen blank, and my 3 port brake.




Upper machined out to accept my side charger.






Tuned and slightly modified internals to make feeding and extraction flawless. I put 20 rounds of GGG through this as fast as I could pull the trigger, and no hard extractions, or even hints of one at all.


Magpul PRS stock, and a Midwest Industries fore end to suit this particular receiver style.









The second rifle is a similar build, but this one is chambered in 6.5 x 47. Which I think, is probably the first in the UK.


I,ve built creedmoors in the spec, and they work well, so I can't see a problem with this cartridge. It feeds and extracts Dummies flawlessly. The acid test will be sustained live fire.


Its shorter than the CM and the case is thicker in the web. I'm thinking this will allow the case to be run at top end, and still extract.


Could be a giant killer, testing will commence when it comes back from proof.




Barrel is 20", and works in this cal. I had a 20" tikka, and it was fabulous.









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Nice work Dave, particularly like the 6.5x47. That would create quite a ballistic advantage over its peers if it functions well. Look forward to a range report.

Out of interest, what does it weigh?

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Maybe a 1lb heavier than a normal AR Gary. Not heavy.

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One day Loving the billets.

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Northallerton NSAC shooting.jpg


dolphin button4 (200x100).jpg





CALTON MOOR RANGE (2) (200x135).jpg

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Danny Trowsdale 200.png

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