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I am selling my Pulsar Quantum XD50S as I am upgrading to the new Helion model. (April 2016)

It is in perfect condition and everything works as it should, there are no marks on the lenses. It comes with a spare battery pack and an extra 4 rechargeable AA batteries.

The sale price is £1500.00 + SD Postage


· Digital zoom

· Detection Range 1250 metres

· External power supply

· Frost resistant

· Video output

· Degree of protection IPX4

· Detector size 384x288 pixels

· Quality OLED display (640x480 pixels)

· Stadiametric rangefinder

· Multiple color modes

· Optical magnification 1.1x/2.1x/2.8x

· 2x - 4x digital zoom

· Display off function

· Three calibration modes-manual, semiautomatic and automatic

· Three operation modes-city, forest, identification

· Defective pixel repair option

· Power saving mode

· Wide field of view

· External power supply

· Video output enabling recording

· Image inversion modes: "White hot" and "Black hot"

· Two 1/4" tripod mounts


I have spent an hour trying to upload pictures, yes I have read ALL the instructions but it keeps saying the file is too big to upload and I am not going to waste any more time on it.

I will happily send you all the pictures you want by email if you let me have a PM.

Advertised elsewhere

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Right at the top of the advert it says "The sale price is £1500.00 + SD Postage"

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