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I'm selling my original quite rare Marlin 1894 CL (Classic) 6-shot lever action rifle in 32-20 WCF (Winchester Centre Fire).

As mentioned it's an original Marlin, pre-Remington era, so both very well made and finished. It's either 1988-1993, or 2005-2008 production rifle, unfortunately the serial codes of CL rifles don't seem to be the same as other rifles, so the exact year is not clear.


The rifle is in great condition as the photos below attest.


It shoots well (see image below), this a ten shot ground at 20 yards resting my elbows on the bench with no other support. I have tended to use just low power loads and not high velocity (HV) rounds. It does shoot HV loads OK, well enough to hit foxes and rabbits at 100 yards.


It will come with a NCStar Piccatinny scope base, open sights (Marbles I think), a Simmons 4-12x40 SF Prohunter Rifle scope, Sports Match rings, Lyman dies, new nickel-plated (a few more than 100) along with used Starline brass (about 90) and nickel-plated (not sure, Remington I think, about 50) cases, in addition to about 100 lead (bevel base) 120 grain Shellhouse Bullet company bullets. Cases and bullets are both easy to get and cheap to buy.


The last one I saw for sale (2nd-hand) was £950 on its own with nothing else, so I was thinking about the same with all the bits. I've got a spare Lyman Peep sight that attaches to the side of the receiver if someone would prefer to use that over a scope?


If you are interested, let me know. Higher resolution images can be supplied if wanted.


Transfer would be RFD-to-RFD, or face-to-face if you are closer. In the former the buyer plays the costs for the transfer, but if you don't like, I'd pay the return costs.


Many thanks,








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