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Citizen aqualand

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Ok it's not a Rolex or a tag or an omega


But I have an original citizen aqualand I got given to me when I was 19 ....I've dived with it and worn with work all over world.....but it's stopped .....took it local thinking it was just battery replacement, but guy says no & it's above his level .....


Any recommendations on watch repairs ?


I've never had to send a watch away anywhere and I was told Citizen the,selves will charge more than watch is worth but I'd love to get it working again ...sentiment more than anything else



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I also have an aqualand divers, just contact Citizen, they arent expensive really, paid 110.00 for a battery change, service and pressure test. I used to use it as my back up when diving, but just use Suunto dive stuff now and the Citizen is an everyday work wear, along with my Suutno core all black which has everything I need for work too.

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If it's similar to my Citizen when you fit a new battery you have to earth one of the battery poles to get it started. Not exactly dead sure the right process as I can't remember what the watch repair man told me. Hope this helps.

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Hi, if you can open the watch, some batteries come out with a contact sealed to the battery. If you can find what numbers on the battery ,

If you get the info about the cell let me know I can get a price for you .

If I remember right the cell is a capacitor not called a battery.

Cheers Nick

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