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Shooting Association Memberships & Insurance

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Was just after some other opinions on the subject really.


I mainly shoot targets, but also do some pest control, after going around the houses several years back I became an NGO member, and have enjoyed their insurance ever since (never needing to claim mind).


Anyway my renewal is due shortly so I am giving it some thought.


Whilst the NGO is a great alternative to BASC, for half the money I get great insurance (covering pest control and target shooting being the areas I am interested in), I have heard a few complaints about BASC not really doing their bit with regards to changes in the law/fighting our corner etc.


Anyway, I was considering is NGO for me? I am not a keeper, whilst I appreciate their work I don't even partake in any shooting sports where keepers are involved (foxing and targets is about it for me).

I certainly don't begrudge them my money, and I do have a flick through their magazine I'm not sure it's exactly what I am looking for. (It's £40 annually).


I see there are a few places doing just the insurance now, one does the same cover as NGO for £22.50/yr.


Whilst I did join NGO for he insurance alone pretty much, I am also happy to support an organisation that sticks up for our sport, and also offers advice if I ran into any FLD problems.


The NRA is another option I have been looking at. For £70 something a year I could join them and get insurance (but I'm not sure it covers pest control/foxing?!). Another factor here is that I am looking to get into CSR next year, and it appears the extra non-NRA fee alone would soon add up to NRA annual membership. It'd almost be a no-brainer if their insurance covered pest control also. But I have heard a few complaints that beyond what happens inside Bisley, they haven't been as pro-active as NGO/BASC generally promoting/protecting shooting matters.


Has anyone got any thoughts on the subject? If NRA insurance doesn't cover foxing I think I'll keep my up NGO Membership.

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BASC I've always found to be very helpful when I've needed their input, the insurance cover with full membership really is quite comprehensive when you compare it to most others. I've no problems with continuing my BASC membership and can recommend them, as whatever we think, they have fought our corner pretty well for the last number of years (when their own infighting and betrayals weren't trying to destroy them!).

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I remember vaguely seeing a comparison between BASC and NGO once, but cant remember where. The thing that struck me the most at the time was that BASC covered beating, where NGO didn't. Although NGO was cheaper, I went with BASC purely for that reason, as I was doing a lot then

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NGO insurance has just been re-jigged, far more cover than before.

NGO do not shy away from fighting for legislative change and rights for shooters on the ground...unlike some other organisations.

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NGO for me covers what I need.

i think I read in last mailing that price will increase in 2018?

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Hi I joined BASC when my fac came in for renewal the police under the new guidance where getting a bit shirty I took legal guidance from BASC and once the matter was sorted joined BASC I’ve renewed each year my insurance covers my pest control and target shooting like the quarter magazine .

 Cheers Nick 

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