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brown dog

20x42 compact from SA

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Uses the 20 x 42 mm B (belted) ammo developed by Denel PMP that was originally developed for the 20 mm Neopup Personal Assault (later Area) Weapon (PAW).


Fires 110 gram projectiles at 308-310 m/s, so around 3850 ft.lbs (5220 J).


Video of the earlier weapon Neopup PAW being used.



I would imagine the above bolt action without a break kicks a bit more. Free recoil in the Neopup PAW, which weighs above 6.8 kg loaded and with optics fitted, would be around 5 m/s without the semi-auto action, so about 62 ft.lbs. Ouch!! Even with the lessening of the recoil due to the operating system, there's still a substantial kick.


Want any more info, let me know. Handy that my job involves covering this stuff.



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No, unfortunately. Engrossed in teaching kids to shoot in the style of Fairbairn and Sykes. Looks good though.

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