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accuracy int moderator cleaning

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Hi All

Got an AI mod on the tactical brake on the AT308 26" barrel , any info on cleaning would be appreciated . Currently just clean the area where the brake screws in to - very hard crud here and also re clean the `O` ring and then regrease it before putting it all back in the safe. Believe it is sealed but has anyone tried to clean the internals ? . Spent most of the day cleaning 2 ASE rimfire mods and dont want the same hassle with the 308 mod.


Cheers Richie



by the way very happy with the AI mod - very quiet and the lads on the lanes each side appreciate it compared to just running it with the brake only.

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Is there a cleaning regime for mods, or doesn't anybody bother?


For the purpose of clarity I have a OLC mod fitted to an AE MkIII and have never cleaned it, should I and if so how?

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This from Thunderbeast Arms:


Many people believe that suppressors need to be kept very clean to perform well. This is not true.


All of our silencers are sealed and welded, and cannot be taken apart. We do this to produce the strongest, lightest, and smallest suppressor, since adding threads would compromise one of more of those factors. In addition, the full 360-degree welded baffle core featured in most of our centerfire suppressors could not be taken apart anyway. We also do this to ensure long-term accuracy and reliability of the product.


Our centerfire rifle suppressors need minimal cleaning in most applications. The only "gunk" they accumulate is some carbon buildup, which is self-limiting since each shot will knock some loose. We recommend taking a baseline weight measurement when the suppressor is new. When the suppressor has gained approx 2-3 ounces, it's time to clean.


This can be accomplished using CLR (a ZEP product - find at Home Depot) to dissolve the carbon. Soak the inside of the suppressor in ZEP and flush it every day for several days. Alternating with an Ultrasonic cleaner can help to break up stubborn carbon. Do not use CLR in an ultrasonic cleaner - it will damage the tank.




Please note that the 22 TAKE DOWN should not be cleaned using CLR because its baffles are stainl.ess


For ULTRA series suppressors, CLR should not soak the "Direct Thread Insert" for Direct Thread ULTRA suppressors. The best way to accomplish this is to have the thread end up and fill the suppressor up to just short of the direct thread insert, or about 1.25" into the suppressor.

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