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Andy RV

Help! TRG stock dimensions needed

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Hello, I require assistance from a friendly Sako TRG owner for some stock dimensions!


I've got a Tikka CTR which I'm going to attempt to produce a laminated stock for in the style of the TRG.


I've ordered the stock blank from Finland and have hopefully worked out the profile from images, once I've got some reference dimensions I'll print a full size pattern to work from. I require the following dimensions if anyone would be so nice kind as to measure up when their rifle is next out;


Stock overall length (including recoil pad if you're using the factory pad)

Thickness / width across the magazine / action area

Thickness / width across the grip

Thickness / width across the rear portion of the stock


Once I've made a start I'll make build thread.


Many thanks,


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Well I've been making sawdust and so far its not quite firewood!


I printed a fullsize image of the TRG stock and then used that to make a plywood template to follow with the router.




Before any serious profiling and while the laminate was mostly square I let the action and bottom metal into the stock. With the exception of the very rear of the action I cut everything approx. 1.5mm big for the bedding compound. The bottom metal was a bit of a pig due to the depth!










And this is where I'm up to as of today, I've got some Devcon 10112 on the way for the bedding which i'll do before getting the sandpaper out.



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Apart from the colour of the stock it looks remarkable like a Tikka T3 Sporter (and as my first rifle I developed a love for it!)

Needless to say I am impressed by the nice work you did!

Have fun with it!


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No idea how many hours sorry! It took approx. 3 weeks of occasional evening and weekend sessions. If I didn't have the day job to get in the way I'd imagine 3 - 4 full days should be plenty of time. 

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Hi Andy,

Thinking about building my own sako stock clone myself any chance of grabbing the dimensions you used or any other help would be greatly appreciated.

Regards from down under.


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Hello Anthony, 

In the end I took a high quality picture of the TRG from the Sako website and printed it full size. To scale it the length of my stock including the recoil pad is 760mm.

My stock has had an unfortunate accident, I dropped the rifle and spit it at the grip! I’d recommend reinforcing this area. 




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Thanks Andy that measurement should do the trick. Shame about the split in the stock. Only other thing is 1 where did it split in the handle and any recommendations on strengthening it. and 2 what is the thickness of your stock (I'm going to laminate some marine ply together)

Regards and thanks for the help.



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