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Sightron III 8 - 32 x 56 first impressions

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I just picked up the above scope. it was meant to be going on my 223 but as its being re barrelled I though i'd try it out on my 22lr.


ive had swarovski, bushnel, hawke, mtc, nikko to name but a few all with different features.


however for the price point of under £1000 i think its a cracking scope so far.


the light gathering is very good and the mill dot ret. is very useful at 24 mag for the 22lr.


turrets have 15 minutes per turn with 70 overall.


i zeroed my 22 out at 50 yards. its was easy to see the group without getting up as the 32 mag is sharp and clear at 50 yards.


I have been shooting at 175 yards this evening on the 22lr and at 32 mag i can clearly make out a small aim point at about 8 pm this evening as its going dusk.


it comes with flip up covers. the mag adjustment is a bit stiff but i prefer it over the bushnel elite 4.5 - 30 x 50 i sold.


from first impressions i would defiantly recommend this scope for rimfire or centre fire.


I think i will keep it on my 22 as doping too 20 minutes for the 175 yards with a 50 yard zero on the 22 was no problem for the scope.


it would work equally well on a centrefire.


pics bellow






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I had a 6-24x50 and like your self was very impressed with the scope, clear, tracked well with a good range of adjustment and solidly built. My only criticism was that it had quite a narrow field of view compared to other scopes of mine with similar magnification.

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i'm ok with the fov. its not hard too find a 175 yards target by lining the top of the scope up with target using 1 x eye. while still set at 32mag


for spotting a small pair of binos 10 x from the top pocket does the trick saving waving the gun around to spot

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I have same scope on my 308 Ruger Varmint and I have only used out to 600yds so far but I will be using it hopefully out to 1200yrs later in the year, very good scope for the money.

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I like the S3's and like you, think they better the 30mm Bushnells, and come to that, the Mk1 Vortext PSTs too.  I do though prefer the 34mm Bushnell Elite Tacticals (DMR is cracking VFM and has great glass).  I find that the DMR's eye relief is better and the sight box a little less fussy, which for me as a glasses wearer is important.  The S3 remains a cracking good scope and they seem to have made some worthwhile improvements on the latest ones.  I have heard many tales though of the older ones needing repairs, some not that old.  Two people that I shoot with have had to return their S3's (Mk1 versions) for repair/replacement.  Don't know if this is a rare thing or whether there was a more widespread issue with some models?

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