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Barrel Length

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OK, this is probably a silly question - how do you specify barrel length in a rifle?


a. OA length of barrel;


b. bolt face to muzzle;


c. length of rifling?


On a shotgun it is (a.) as the barrel closes onto the breech face, however I would have thought that (c.) was more pertinent for a rifle as that is the bit that does the clever bit?


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We had this a while ago-consensus was (quite properly) b. -bolt face to muzzle with action closed-(it's the 'standard' measure-or the modal one.)

I think this is likely to be the 'legal' version too.


While the rifling is 'clever' so is the chamber-it defines the main character of the rifle,and then free bore etc etc...BUT,you have a point in that a 'smith mentioned that 'barrel length' was not always seen consistently in the trade'-and custom customers might best be specific....but 'bolt face to muzzle' is the default meaning.




ps on a trad s/s ,o/u shotgun,it is quite explicitly breech face to muzzle-option a) as given begs the question,and isn't quite so clear,while some some might prefer bolt face for shotguns with a bolt...semi/pump/bolt action?

'Quirky' actions might need special consideration,in any firearm.

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