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AI AT/AX owners, Moderator options

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I have a AI 338LM supressor , and it was 400-500 pounds , and once I got it , thought Opps , my mistake , it appears to be 100% aluminium , and have heard they last roughly 200-300 rds and get the guts blown straight out the front & then they are biffed ( the only good news in that is it pops at the front & not  the side of the can ).

If the 308 version is the same , I feel its not worth the money , and would look at other options , I use the Oceania , as in NZ its the same price as a AI can , But I also use quite a few MAE  all SS cans , and for the money they are good  value .

If  you are prepared to use a different brake , then maybe a AU can on a borelock brake maybe an option ie the  SL7 .

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More info regarding cleaning the AI moderator ,as posted before I always had trouble cleaning the area where it screws onto the bake usually spending hours with a screwdriver slowly scraping away crud/carbon , . PROBLEM SOLVED   . Just bought KG industries kg1 carbon remover     so thought I`d give it a go on the mod and hey presto one clean mod  ,just followed instructions on the bottle and no more crud etc cleaned up so easy .Worked well on the barrell too and what came out the end cleaned the muzzle brake aswell  .


Happy days    

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Thanks guys for all the input guys. When I heard the AI mod was aluminium that was a no go for me.

I went with a OLC mod which I am soon to receive, and looks great.

With the OLC mod being quite heavy and with the addition of the Tac brake I wanted to explore a second lighter option. 

A direct to thread mod. I have attached a picture. Can I ask what you guys out there have done regarding this? I am after a mod that will reflex further enough backwards to cover the polished segment of the barrel, but not reflex down to interfer with the hand rail. I have a 16” hand rail and a 20” barrel not leaving much room. 

The MAE will contact the barrel, and from my understanding the ASE mods won’t cover the polished part of the barrel.

Thoughts and sugggestions please.

Many thanks,


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