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Mausingfield .22Br

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Finally got round to finishing this one.


Its a Mausingfield action.


Chambered in .22Br




All the Br cartridges have the same problem. Unreliable mag feeding. I've built many over the years, and most have been pretty reliable feeders, but as with all short cases, you do get the occasional hang up, or difficult ejection, purely because the case is short, and applies very little side pressure to hold it onto the extractor.


No longer.


The mausingfield is controlled feed, which means it hangs onto the case as it comes out of the mag, presenting it squarely to the chamber.


Once fired, the case is held as the bolt is cycled rearwards, and only lets go , once the bolt is fully retracted, where the side mechanical ejector kicks it off the bolt face. A slow manipulation tips the case into your hand....a fast one throws it into the long grass.


Winner winner...chicken dinner.... :D


Coupled with my mag conversion, its faultless.


These actions are by far, the best actions i've ever seen in terms of quality, and the tolerances are unreal.


I've put off owning one, because i really can't justify another gun, but sod it...i'm gonna have one myself.


I fitted a sassen blank, profiled in a krieger palma contour. It a 1 in 8" twist, muzzle threaded in the AI 18mm x 1.5 thread, invisible capped, and has an AI brake and jet z moderator.


Rail is a 20 moa unit, and its all cerakoted in Graphite black.






The trigger is a Triggertech unit, and these are excellent.






Stock is an AI AT model, and will be having a thumbhole conversion kit when they arrive.


A lovely gun, and one which solves the age old feed problem, properly.


If you are considering any BR cased rifle as a repeater, this is undoubtedly the action for it.


Its also probably the fastest cycling of any bolt action that isn't a 6o degree lift, and the bolt lift is very light indeed.



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Now that is nice

Very nice indeed. And thanks Dave for a bit of background too...

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Nice looking rifle, great work as always Dave!


Good to see a reliable magazine system for the BR cartridge available in the UK.

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