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Just finished this re build of a Sako 579.


The action has been cleaned, a few parts replaced, trigger stripped and cleaned, now breaking at 2 lbs consistantly.


Barrel is Sako hunter in chromoly, re blacked and chambered in 260 Remington with M14 x 1 spiggoted thread and protective cap.


Original stock had a split and has been replaced with another, which has been stripped, the majority of 30 years of dents removed and re-oiled (which took several weeks to do)


Owner has provided a Leup 16x40, which wouldnt be my own choice for the gun, but doesnt look entirely out of place.


Action is devcon pillar bedded into the stock


I hope it was worth the wait, a great deal of work has gone into this gun.












































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Looks really nice, I can't help but like the 579 and 591 vintage of Sakos .

Nice job with the stock!

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Looks mint that Andy 2 years may seem a long time but I wasn't in a rush and it looks like it was worth the wait ,the scope will be changed out once I decide what to replace it with but it will do for now, can't wait for tomorrow now and start with the load development.

Thanks again mate rgds mike

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Lovely work Andy. Well made actions that last.

We have a 308 Forester in the family since the late sixties/early seventies.

My father shot Kudu Duiker etc. with her, I have shot Red/Sika/Fallow with her and my eldest son has shot a few Sika with it.

She will be there for the next generation.


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Yes, its a lovely rifle, again, a project that cost more in my time and effort than I could charge.


The original stock was very nice, one of the angular earlier Foresters, unfortunately split along the pistol grip and into the action inlet, and unrepairable.


The replacement was from another Forester (scrapped) but now re worked.


Having to go through a house move and build a workshop delayed the finish of the rifle, thanks for your patience Mike - I hope the end result is worth it when you see the finished product.

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Very nice job there Andy, esp the stock. One that nice would be nigh on impossible to find in NZ as they all had a trashing in the bush/mountains.


Funny you should use a 579. Just last week, finally got my walking varminter completed. The factory single-shot L579 was retrieved from an old target gun made by my deceased gunsmith. Was fitted into a McMillan HBR stock I got cheap- had to be backfilled and re-inletted for the action. Ian did a great job with pillars, the rear one only accessible by removing the custom trigger guard. It's chambered in 6BR on a 24" Krieger and wears a DPT can. The old 16X Super Sniper is only there temporarily while I get bases/rings for the 5-25 Z5. The std Optilocks were juuust too low :( Fired it yesterday only to run the barrel in and check pressures for some 87 V-Maxs. Using old ammo from my gunsmith which is 105 Scenars and some amount of N150 in a neck-turned case (mine is std), the first three shots during breaking in went into 1/2". Could turn out OK with any luck






The chamber engraving was done with his CNC mill "just coz he could " :P

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