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Hi all, does anyone have any recommendations to we're I may get my numerous silver pocket watches looked at so they can be repaired so they will work.


In addition I have a longines pocket watch and trying to find out any information on the value and if it's a collection item.


If anyone knows anything my email address nickd19@icloud.com I can send photos for information if anyone can help.

I have numerous seiko kinetic watches, that I want to sell, especially seiko 5 sports 200 metre Diver.

Again any ideas were I may get a value in respect of selling

Cheers Nick

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You could ask for advice at this watch maker school in Germany. When I was in Engineering college in that area I had a watch built in one of those schools, I also had the watch serviced in that area. I think in Villingen Schwenningen they made more watches than any other area in the world prior to quartz watches.




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Check out the British Horological Institute: three accredited pocket watch repairers in the Greater Manchester area.



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Cheers, will make some enquiry

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I came across an old guy in Birmingham jewellery quarters; his surname was Meeks. He specialised in watch repairs. No idea how good he was or what he charges. I just browsed around his shop counter out of curiosity whilst in the area.

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