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A new rifle

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I decided on a .223

Mainly for target shooting and the occasional foxing trip.

I was all set for a semi custom build and one popped up which sounded to good to miss. Kindly the guy waited for my fac to return.


It is as follows


After a long day driving I am home with a new rifle.

It's a Remington 700. In 223 it will also shoot 556 NATO safely due to longer throat

Fully blueprinted

New trigger

26 inch medium profile 1 in 8 Stainless Archer barrel

Floor plate kit by Dave

Two ten round mags

Colour match picatinney rail Tier one 20 moa

Fully bedded vssf stock

Compact moderator it's an ASE utra jet z

97 lapua match cases

Tub of Ramshot tac powder.

Probulary 500 various heads some of lapua L match heads

Nighforce scope NSX 12-42-56

Fluted bolt.


I will be loading some for it as as I can.

Pics to follow.


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Lovely looking rifle,should shoot some good groups with it.

If youre ever looking to sell that scope,let me know.

Cheers. Quite impressed with it. Always fancied the Nightforce. Great clicks on it. Feel very positive. Will know more in a few weeks of use if it's a keeper. Will bare you in mind if I sell.


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Looks and sounds like a good set up. Keep us posted on the groups you achieve and the load data.


Good luck and have fun.



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Northallerton NSAC shooting.jpg


dolphin button4 (200x100).jpg





CALTON MOOR RANGE (2) (200x135).jpg

bradley1 200.jpg


Danny Trowsdale 200.png

safeshot 200.jpg

tacfire 200.jpg



valkyrie 200.jpg

tab 200.jpg




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