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New/Boyds stock advice please.

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Good afternoon,


I Like the look and feel of the thumb-hole and slightly raised comb of a Boyds stock. It would be for a Howa short action, standard factory barrel replacing the factory sporting walnut stock. I am very happy with the current set up re accuracy and do not want to spoil anything as accuracy has to come first. I am not that keen on the factory stock.


Would anyone have first hand experience of doing this? any good points? or more importantly bad points/ experiences loss of accuracy?


I also see they offer a feather weight 2.4lb and a Varmint 2.8lb any experience of theses? dont like the "hollow" stock feel (have a hollow over mold houge on my .22), hows the feather weight feel?


I see a couple of chaps are doing nice looking stocks in the UK and not too expensive but no idea about product quality or manufacture methods.


Thank you in advance for any advice.


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I used to have a howa in .223 and put it in a boyds stock and it definetly helped accuracy but mine was originally in the crap hogue rubber stock .I quite liked the boyds and was comfortable to use ,they have a new stock out now that's fully adjustable but not sure if there available over here yet ,over all for the money Id say there pretty good

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Thanks for that.


The factory stock is functioning fine, its solid! and works fine when testing from a bench. I find it cumbersome in the field and hate the slippy varnish finish. All i need is a stock that will supply the same stable base but with some more comfort.


I absolutely do not want to put an inferior stock on compared to what i have but no need to go over the top.

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I have a Boyds thumbhole laminate for the .223 and it definitely bettered the factory stock and shot more accurately. They need some inletting work to finish them and I opened the stock around the barrel on mine as it wasn't floated enough but I'm happy with it.

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Thank you that's very helpful.

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