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yukon photon

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has any one noticed that animals can see the ir on the yukon photon,i ask as i have been using mine for two years no problem,this year however not only are the quarry very jumpy but they look straight at the photon,i walk and hunt but every other day use a vehicle and it makes no difference.

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Used mine for the first time in about a year the other night/morning on a rimfire, knocked over half a dozen bunnies - it sometimes appears as though theyre eye-balling the IR but not to the extent that they leg it.


Talking of the Photon - have you used another illuminator with yours? I tried a couple of very decent ones with it with the built-in IR switched off - the picture was terribly grainy compared to with the built-in IR??

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I used a T20 IR torch with mine (first gen photon) and it improved the illumination no end, I did have a doubler to extend the range and pin hole aperture to cut down on the amount of light coming into the device so it didn't "white out" the picture fitted though

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Im using a Tracer ledray F900 with mine, it makes a remarkable difference to the image over T series torches, i have done side by side comparisons with T20, T50 and T67 each fitted with either original Black Sun or Black Sun II LEDs and none come near the quality of image the F900 gives me.

Now can it bee seen? most likely but i dont think they are bothered about and regardless its still far more covert then a lamp.



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With a standard I.R 850nm yes the foxes see it and stare back at you but the ward black sun no indication that theyre being watched at all ,mines got a Pentax 55m lens so a cleaner image .And yes the built in I.R is pooh and gives a very grainy picture atb

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