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hornady eld match

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2 hours ago, Si-Snipe said:

My findings are the 140 gr ELD M does not expand reliably on vermin yet the 147 ELD M does. It makes little sense but that is exactly what I have found. I also share this experience with a couple of my friends who have experuenced the same. 

That's interesting has anyone sectioned them to compare jacket thickness 

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I cross-sectioned a 140 Amax and a 140 ELD M and 130 TMK respectively. You can see the ELD M has a narrower gap between the copper jacket at the tip insertion point. I imagined that this caused the jacket to sometimes fold in rather than outwards creating a through and through impact/exit scenario on small quarry. Note the HUGE tip insertion diameter in the TMK. They expand very violently. 


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Has anyone got a 6mm ELD-X i could have so i can section it against the 6mm ELD-M i have - would love to know the difference . Or is Sir mearn planning on doing a 6mm test at all ? Hope your well btw ..

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