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Howa 1500 Stock Upgrade

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Evening all,


So I want to ditch my awful standard Hogue stock and pretty much have my heart set on a Bell and Carlson....but....the GRS Berserk has some good reviews?


Thoughts? :-)

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Just my opinion


I have used both, B&C and Hogue..I have also used a GRS, although be it only in its synthetic format - I've not used the laminate version. To me the GRS beats the other two mentioned, hands down. While it might have flex on the forend, this was minimal and did not alter point of impact in relation to point of aim. Considering it was synthetic it just 'felt right'


Additionally, cost wise for gains in quality, the GRS is a no-brainer up against B&C and all the supposedly 'superior' stocks of the one's I've tried (IMO like most things in life you 'pay for the name' but believe me, they are not always necessarily the 'best')


There are far sweeter stocks out there these days than the standard run-of-the-mills of McM and Manners, H&S, B&C et al. They might be a tad more expensive but if you save a bit more cash you could buy something really, really sweet. There's no prizes for the winner of the most aesthetically pleasing rifle and, the most valuable thing of all will not be how sweet she looks, but how good she shoots...- but if you must fork out, value for money is without doubt the GRS


As I said, just my two-pennith-worth and all subjective to the end-user - good luck in your choice



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I have had a bell and Carlson, a boyds, and a

grs sporter varmint on my remmy 204 varmint.

I recently bought the grs berserk and it's my favourite.

I highly recommend them.

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Did you install that Beserk on your T3?

No I put it on my remmy 204.

I'm still using the factory stock on my t3 ctr and I like it.

My two mates put berserk stocks on their tikkas and they are very happy with them.

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OpticsWarehouse have GRS stocks on sale at the moment, I've just bought a Howa 1500 Varmint GRS Berserk in 6.5 CM stock felt right in the shop hoping it will on the range too!

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Can't get a Berserk in left hand :(


Looking at a Howa HCR later today that a friend has just got in. Considering going this route for a replacement for my Hogue stock, but quite expensive. The new Archangel is supposed to be pretty good now I think they have done away with the integrated bipod and price is not too bad - although about twice what our American brethren would pay.





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