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Sako Boy

22 Nosler ?

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Sako Boy,indeed Nosler have-26,28,30,33. And now the 22 Nosler.Some might remain almost proprietary (Nosler only) but time will tell....

The 22 does indeed have a rebatted head,but it is a ver mini '284' indeed...with a touted 25% more capacity than 223r ,that makes it around 31g maybe-the 284 is more like 50g.

How about performance-Nosler claim 300fps more than 223r (all in SAAMI loads) and quote their 22 Nosler ammo as 55g@3350fps...which sounds like....err 100 fps more than 223r 55g@3240.....what's going on here....?


OK,the Nosler data is for a 16 inch barrel,the 223r is SAAMI 24" barrel....Nosler's literature make very clear that they are aiming for the very popular US AR15 market,needing only a barrel,bolt,magazine change.Fair enough.It may well appeal to the considerable varmint coyote hunter,eg.A 20 inch barrel would halve the Nosler advantage with minimal brass costs etc....r improve the 22 Nosler more.

Man op UK won't see such improved velocities,nor is there a very clear niche for such performance-given the widespread and entirely adequate use of 223r for fox etc,and target,but some more velocity will be available.

The 22 Nosler performance is of course realisable in a bolt rifle,a 223r Ackley would cut back the gap,and there is a cartridge that rather shreds it-the 22/250 (55g@3680 24" barrel,and could be shorter).

There is a 77g@2950 22 Nosler loading too,same comparisons apply.

Why not 22-250 in an AR-I think one was made.....6.8 SPC necked,yes....and so on with corresponding mag length/light bullet issues...223 WSSM maybe for a real challenge (? Or is that OTT)....plenty more variations on improved AR15 cartridges,but that's another shaggy wildcat story.....as are zippy 22 cfs in general...


So,one perhaps for the UK shooter who does not want a 22/250 (whyever not!) but improved performance over the 223r-Nosler do market the 22 Nosler model 40 bolt gun.....and who enjoys brass famines,and hiked prices,and very likey some exclusivity! :-)


More choice,but maybe very niche on this number for UK?


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