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Cumbrian 1

Swarovski ds 5-25x52 p l

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Certainly an impressive optic, but it ought to be at £3.4k or thereabouts. Swarovski first offered a sporting scope with a laser rangefinder built in over twenty years ago, but it didn't last long, I hope this one last longer for those with deeper pockets than mine.


The tripod looks to be a product of Javelin/Spartan judging by the mounting system - they are associated with Sauer/Blaser - the rifle was a Sauer 404.

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It does look interesting. I am not usually a fan of Swaro as I want a scope to help me increase my accuracy so having marginally better glass does nowt for me. So this was interesting. I also liked it as it fits their market position rather than their creep towards S&B, Kahles etc.


I can see how it would give the '20 rounds a year' stalker a better shooting solution without the learning curve. Even gives a bit of support for wind.


But ? Well having your only laser built into the scope is a dead loss really, which I suspect is one of the reasons earlier scopes did not last the course. So that's laser bino's plus a £3400 scope ? Ouch.


Then I got to thinking about how often is that level of sophistication needed for the British stalker. As they say, great for up the hill on a windy day. How much stalking is that really? Most of my stalking is on a hill one way or another and I just don't see it being a benefit for 90% of my opportunities. How many buyers will see it as a must have....

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