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Suggestions for floor-installed gun safe opening

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Hi all,


Am hoping to pick your brains on a solution to a problem I am having opening my gun safe. It is installed in the loft and as I don't have much hight clearance up there, it has had to go horizontal and anchored to the joists. Due to the hight constraints I am unable to stand upright and have to open the heavy door kneeling down, which is a right pain and a danger to fingers and limbs! I am not that technically minded, but thought of maybe installing a pulley system to the roof joists or a hydraulic cylinder to the inside of the safe that would push the door up once it is unlocked.


FYI, it is a 7-gun safe, so the door is considerably heavy.


Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated.






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I had a similar issue with having to lay a safe flat on its back somewhere.


I ended up fitting a handle to the door, albeit plastic and glued on....its enough to hold the door by and lift the door by, but would offer little to no help to someone looking to lever their way in. It'd just snap.....


Something to clip the door open with is recommended too. Those f3ckers shut faster than a fast thing when on their back......and i doubt youll get your fingers back.

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What about fitting some sort of gas strut ( like on a car boot door)

You would need to do some measuring and fitting to get it to operate correctly but would do both things,, assist with opening force and reduce closing speed.


Might be worth a look on tbay see what there is.

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Can I suggest removing it from the loft to somewhere handier? I'd also be concerned about condensation, rusting of infrequently used firearms and complaints from any FEO ever inspecting your facilities.





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